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A gun and a safety pin

Two questions and a realization of the freedom Clinton’s loss gives gun owners to be the solution.

First, questions about the protests

Do they know/care what they’re obstructing over the last few days and potentially the coming weeks? People trying to get to work, pick up/drop off kids at school, how bout blocking emergency personnel or costing taxpayers more to pay police? I wouldn’t strictly have an issue with this if there was an end goal, but there isn’t. It’s about expressing yourself, cool, but you’ve been national news on every single network for four days. Ya done been heard.

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Unity through Division

“There’s a simple solution to every human problem; neat, plausible and wrong” H.L. Mencken
Two questions: How many people unfriended you this election cycle? Pretty easy question to answer, I imagine.
How many people did YOU unfriend this election cycle? Pretty sure you can justify both, especially the ones you did.
Now that the election is over and since we’ve seen how the post election division is actually worse than what we’ve already seen, at what point does the unity both sides talked about come into play?

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