So…as a reminder, there is caffeine in chocolate. So if you’re going to make ice cream at home, consider this. I didn’t and here I am.

So guess what I’m thinking about. That’s right, space battles between Vikings and dragons. Nope, not nearly that creative.] Actually something less exciting: A lack of cynicism and a different perspective on the protests and indeed the new NeverTrumpers.

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I thought I was waiting for some cataclysmic event that would legitimately shake the country and make people realize “This is what we’ve come to”. It’d be massive national tragedy committed by a non-white, non-muslim lunatic driven by politics and nothing else; I wanted a big sign saying “This is where extremism gets you”

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Finally tonight, I just want to point out the stretches in logic from the left lately, but to make a broader point that encompasses both sides.
Booing Obama at NFL stadiums across the country is apparently unpatriotic and indeed (like all things) racist.
Booing and indeed lecturing Pence, is free speech.
Police fighting back against protestors disturbing the peace, unlawfully entering a private place after multiple requests to leave and despite all that, none of them got shot=police state.

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Firstly, a comment on the irony of Kaepernick being “surprised” over being benched after a historically awful performance, and STILL not bringing that list of solutions he promised back in August. About as effective in politics as in football, that one. The lack of self-awareness present in so-called activists will be a theme of the evening

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Three notes

One: If the protests continue now that we’ve gotten our first real look at Trump post-election, that’s entirely on them. There needs to be an end goal, I think “it’s good that they’re excercising their 1A right” only goes so far. Sooner or later, you’re a distraction at best and severely damaging to your cause at worst. 4 years from now, Republicans can and will point to this and ask if “this is the kind of people” you want running our country?

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A gun and a safety pin

Two questions and a realization of the freedom Clinton’s loss gives gun owners to be the solution.

First, questions about the protests

Do they know/care what they’re obstructing over the last few days and potentially the coming weeks? People trying to get to work, pick up/drop off kids at school, how bout blocking emergency personnel or costing taxpayers more to pay police? I wouldn’t strictly have an issue with this if there was an end goal, but there isn’t. It’s about expressing yourself, cool, but you’ve been national news on every single network for four days. Ya done been heard.

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Unity through Division

“There’s a simple solution to every human problem; neat, plausible and wrong” H.L. Mencken
Two questions: How many people unfriended you this election cycle? Pretty easy question to answer, I imagine.
How many people did YOU unfriend this election cycle? Pretty sure you can justify both, especially the ones you did.
Now that the election is over and since we’ve seen how the post election division is actually worse than what we’ve already seen, at what point does the unity both sides talked about come into play?

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