Finally tonight, I just want to point out the stretches in logic from the left lately, but to make a broader point that encompasses both sides.
Booing Obama at NFL stadiums across the country is apparently unpatriotic and indeed (like all things) racist.
Booing and indeed lecturing Pence, is free speech.
Police fighting back against protestors disturbing the peace, unlawfully entering a private place after multiple requests to leave and despite all that, none of them got shot=police state.

And of course there is the Electoral College complaint coming from people who had no real issue with superdelegates, the idea that the people protesting are symbolized by destroying property, assaulting civilians, obstructing traffic and harassing and sending death threats to electors, we have the idea that California should secede from the Union and damn the social, political and economic consequences, and every other doom and gloom scenario we’ve seen from this nihilistic temper tantrum from the safe-space crowd.
Why do I bring all this up? Because all of the above ideas only came about in the last few weeks. If you learn one thing from the last few weeks, realize that it is absolutely true that people, by themselves and left to their own devices are -absolutely- relativists in every sense.
I love the euphemism of the “post truth” era. People act like it just snuck up on us and says “oh, look at that, emotion matters more now” with a dismissive shrug, like nobody had a hand in bringing that about. Somehow, not only have we avoided talking about the existence of evil when it comes to terrorism, mass shootings and crime, but we have skipped entirely the discussion on whether or not there is an objective truth by admitting that the majority on both sides are not interested in pursuing it at all.
How about this, you have a right to disagree with the president, that’s one of the main points of the 1A, but to do so disrespectfully, in a venue not meant for political discussion (like a football game or a musical) is improper. The response will be, invariably, “Oh but you’re just saying that to make the point about Hamilton”. I can certainly understand the logic. That said, I’ve moved toward a more Libertarian “Screw both sides” worldview and this is just the natural evolution of that. Also, that’s not your main point with that retort. That retort is given to avoid agreeing with me that booing Pence at a musical and booing Obama at a football game are the exact same thing and both should be condemned by the logically consistent. We are conceding one hill each to find the common valley
I’m aware that long ago, I was annoyed by the disdain towards people for booing Obama in the NFL stadiums, but it is fascinating to see the same people who threw that particular brand of vitriol out now calling that exact same type of speech patriotic and is legitimate, based on nothing but what he “might” do as opposed to what he “has” done.
People are relativists. We live simultaneously in a post-truth era as a post-Christian era and I don’t believe that’s a coincidence. We hear the “Christian nation” thing brought up when it’s convenient for Christians and non-Christians alike, but let’s be honest. First off, the Founders, some anyway, were deists. They believed in A higher power of SOME kind. Today however, there is absolutely no aspect of society; the relativism, the hatred, the anger, the emotionally driven, vitriolic arguments, gay marriage as a national right, none of it would be seen in a nation whose society embraced religious ideals.
It has been a ride watching these last few weeks as every emotional argument petered out between the new, more violent approach (doxxing Electoral College members and sending death threats) and the more pathetic approach (lecturing the VP elect and calling it a “conversation”). But I’ve picked up a new perspective on it. The shoe is literally on the other foot. What’s wrong was right, what WAS racist and offensive and unpatriotic is now the highest, most inoffensive form of patriotism, and we are in such a safe and free country that we are so unused to poice fighting back against wild protestors that even a fist fight is a sign of a police state (a term, lest we forget, that is applied to East Germany and the Soviet Union.)
People are relativists. Go back and find identical situations that you defended Obama on that you attack Trump/Pence for? Conversely, what do you defend Trump on that you attacked Obama for?
Screw this “post-truth” garbage. Objective truth still exists. To know it exists and willfully ignore it is evil.
-Evidence- over emotion
Evil exists. Prepare for it, fight it, defeat it.
Good night.

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