One shot

The interesting thing about returning to a routine after Jubilee is this Milo story and the cases like it.

Think of all the videos and comments that come up from years past (sometimes 30 years) with the goal of destroying entire careers in one shot. Wendy Bell, Milo (although he’s not remotely going away) Jeff Sessions, the Chick-Fil-A CFO, the Mozilla Firefox exec, all of them and think about what their intent really was.
The people “angry” didn’t actually care about the issue. They wanted to destroy the person. They wanted to feel accomplished, like they’d scored some major victory against the worst kind of intolerance. So where are they after the outrage dies? Nowhere.
Think about what this says, though. If you have ever said anything, ever, even in passing, and it’s something that can be taken out of context to destroy you, you’ve doomed yourself. There’s no hope for redemption, and the best you can hope for is to make some mea culpa and hope you get to live a feeble existence on some lower end of a totem pole out of sight from the general public.
Turn that particular gun on yourself. Do you want people to apply your logic to you? If it looks like this I doubt it. But then again, you’ll never have to worry about that, will you?
Perhaps people take comfort in the fact that they may never be important enough to go through this stuff, but that only makes it worse. You’re taking part in the destruction of a person you’ve never met, on yet another manufactured outrage, and for what? Your life is functionally identical, there’s no joy in it for you (at least I hope not) and the truth is, you seem to justify your own hatred and anger which actually contributes to the overall political climate. You’re attacking from a place of complete safety. We’d call those people “cowards” in any other situation save for military action, and this is not remotely related to the military
And this is where “evidence over emotion” comes from. Several points
Is it in context?
Does it fit their whole story?
Is this incident indicative of a pattern.?
If the answer is no to ANY of those questions, the outrage is unwarranted because it is not fair or accurate. If the answer is yes to any of those questions, the emotional outrage is unwarranted because it is not the proper response. Here’s why.
Outrage is the starting point for many and look how well that’s worked…
You can be upset, just “outraged” in the typical American sense, is usually hyper-emotional virtue signaling.
I don’t really care for Milo, but I respect him for leaving Brietbart, and for showing that the right-wing hit squad has joined the Left in having their own Outrage Brigade.

But the people who were at Jubilee have to look at this situation and say “This too can be fixed”.

The hope that it can be fixed certainly doesn’t come from people. Again, people are the problem, they cannot by themselves be the solution. The solution comes first from orienting oneself around something beyond their supporters and critics.

As Jubilee concluded, two people came to the stage and prayed for the student’s majors, as they are all things in need of redemption. One of those of course was the media, I don’t think I realized the task ahead of those brave peopleuntil just now. But what makes me happy about it is that these are people who don’t simply lament the state of journalism, but actively set out to help fix it by finding work -in that field-. Further, they orient themselves around God first and their more personal objectives a distant second.

As you’ve probably noticed, many movements declaring something to be wrong have become more about themselves than anything else. BLM is about the complaints, the anti-Trump protestors have become a swarm of virtue signalers, the right-wing is cannibalizing itself from a synthetic moral high ground while the left is cannibalizing itself from its SJW core outward. They all know what their against, but they apply their efforts relativistically. They can describe what they are for in only the most obnoxious generalities. Is it different when you ask a journalist what they want to do and they answer “To tell the truth” or “To do God’s work”? At this point especially, there is. Everyone has said they are telling the truth. The side-streams, mainstreams, every WordPress outfit that uses twitter handles in their headlines, they all say they’re out to tell the truth. Interestingly, they always add a bias: “This is what the (left or right, respectively)wing media doesn’t want you to hear. Frankly, Christian media types like Sean Hannity and Matt Walsh are as Christian in their reporting as Joel Osteen is in his speaking and somehow still half as deed.

When a Christian sets himself on a course regarding actual biblical redemption of something. They understand, firstly that they are working against a brutal current. Jenna Nardella came in last year to discuss the point about working for 3-4 years without rain and still building an infrastructure for water supply in the middle of a desert. If redemption is truly your goal, biases, and
particularly some knife-wielding lunatic approach is not going help.

I am throughly unconvinced that people understand the depths of the problem. It is not just the “other guy” whether your particular target of hatred are white people, black people, Republicans, Democrats or what have you. That prejudice is blinding and whether you know it or not, the bubble continues the death spiral that journalism is on. As long as there is an audience for it, it will continue to grow.

At Jubilee however, I saw proof that at least a few hundred students are mobilizing to fix one small part of a seemingly insurmountable problem. One Square Inch at a time.

Small victories are still victories.

Evidence over emotion
Evil exists. Prepare for it, fight it, defeat it.

Good night.



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