A gun and a safety pin

Two questions and a realization of the freedom Clinton’s loss gives gun owners to be the solution.

First, questions about the protests

Do they know/care what they’re obstructing over the last few days and potentially the coming weeks? People trying to get to work, pick up/drop off kids at school, how bout blocking emergency personnel or costing taxpayers more to pay police? I wouldn’t strictly have an issue with this if there was an end goal, but there isn’t. It’s about expressing yourself, cool, but you’ve been national news on every single network for four days. Ya done been heard.

What is their end goal? The Electoral College won’t be eliminated, and they won’t change heir mind, the popular vote is still in the air, therefore since we’ve been at this stage for the last 4 days, it’s time to ask for rational demands.

Then you realize, in one of this elections many sweet ironies (for the Right anywho). They feel threatened, but they are pathologically incapable of owning a gun (probably because of the fear taught them by Clinton and people of that ilk.)

Let’s be honest here, liberalism in its current state is absolutely about disempowerment of the individual so the government can take care of and protect you. Therefore, maybe these people have no idea what to do or where to go (just assume with me that enough of this is genuine to write what I have as well as what follows.), the government is not as they recognize it, and the world outside of government is freer, but they have been taught to fear their neighbor (“If you see something, say something”), so I think we need to something to the safety pin fad. Specifically, a firearm. Why? Because “I’m here for you” is nice, but “I’m here for you and I can and will destroy anyone who tries to hurt you.” is significantly better.

I don’t agree with this symbolic safety pin thing, but I can appreciate it to a point, but it only goes so far.

Now before you go with the whole “well that’s just something that could make a situation more violent”, there are two states the world can exist in, peace and war. If there is war upon innocent people, why would you not want to stop the attacker? It’s one thing to say you want peace, but peace can sometimes only be achieved through the elimination of a threat…aka, disabling (or yes, killing, the outcome of shooting someone is sometimes just up to God) the attacker. You can’t be a pacifist in a world where evil exists and tell people “you’re there for them”. You’re only there -to a point-. That being the point at which a threat arises and attacks someone, after which you are throughly useless.

People, if we haven’t (and I’ve certainly been slacking) we need to get back in the range. If you don’t have training, find someone and learn. I don’t give a damn about these protests anymore, but I just realized over the last three hours that some of these people have absolutely no idea who will protect them, and they sure as hell don’t seem interested (yet) in protecting themselves.

Before we start talking about perceived threats versus real ones. I don’t really care about those either, we train for potential threats all the time. If you don’t think there is anything to be afraid of, but they do, follow them, walk them through this time, and teach them how to defend themselves or put them in touch with someone who can.

So, a suggestion: Play their game and bring them into ours. If you are trained enough, wear that damned pin AND open carry your pistol (if legal of course.) Conceal it if you prefer. My point tonight is simply that we are dealing with, somewhere in that amorphous and very, very lost mass of humanity, people who have been taught to be afraid of their neighbor, especially the armed ones. You’ll note that the government and particularly the Left have said nothing to calm their fears, and the Right (myself included,) have been more concerned with -actual- threats (which only show themselves once it’s too late) versus perceived ones. So go. Train hard, wear the pin, and the gun, and show the truly frightened a way out, and bring more people into the world of self-reliance.

If the people who ostensibly supported them wanted to do that, they would’ve by now.

Evidence over emotion

Evil exists. prepare for it, fight it, defeat it.

Stay safe.

Good night.


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