Three notes

One: If the protests continue now that we’ve gotten our first real look at Trump post-election, that’s entirely on them. There needs to be an end goal, I think “it’s good that they’re excercising their 1A right” only goes so far. Sooner or later, you’re a distraction at best and severely damaging to your cause at worst. 4 years from now, Republicans can and will point to this and ask if “this is the kind of people” you want running our country?

From now on, you’re only making -their- case stronger.
On the hiring of RNC Chair Priebus as Chief of Staff: The arguments against the “Anti-establishment” candidate picking someone who is the ultimate establishment figure of the right are missing its shrewd qualities. Priebus was the architect of the Republicans historic takeover of the legislature in 2010, and is very adept at running a tight ship. I believe this is also a sign to people who protested him that he will work with them. Trump is a personality, but he is also a businessman. He’s surrounding himself with people who are better at and smarter than he is at the things he is hiring them for and I imagine he intends to just let them work.
On the hiring of former Brietbart head Steve Bannon: I. Have. No. Idea. Bannon is responsible for the collapse of what was once the single best investigative news source in recent history, and he killed it in 8 months.
Trump calmed a lot of nerves tonight, he showed the media he can play their games (which they should know by now) and his choice for at least Chief of Staff hint at a shrewdness of his hiring practices. It bears repeating that the poorly written online petition is cute but doesn’t have a hope in hell. Even the Democrats are preparing for a president Trump.
So pray for the guy, hope he can guide the country in a positive direction and if nothing else keep us out of a war. As Obama was my president and yours, the same will soon be true for Trump.
Remember when the argument was that we’re part of a social contract and paying for healthcare was just the price of admission now in this country? It’s not. Living under a Republican president now is, and it’s not the hell the media has told you it is.
Evidence over emotion
Evil exists. Prepare for it, fight it, defeat it.
Good night.

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